Astigmatism (toric) contact lenses generally have three attributes you need to select with.

1. myopia / SPH
2. astigmatism / CYL
3. shaft degrees (axial) / AXIS

Since astigmatism lenses principle is more complicated and higher cost, if it is the first time for you to order astigmatism (toric) lenses, we recommened you to ask for an optician’s opinion before you place the order. Please confirm the 3 attributes above of your contact lenses .

If you are using astigmatic lenses already, but do not know how to choose, you can look at the tips below.

Please find your astigmatism lenses and confirm the prescription it shows. You should be able to find the degrees of the required information: myopia ( “SPH” or “D”), astigmatism (CYL), and the shaft degrees ( “AXIS” or “AX”). Please select the correct degrees when you place your order.


For example, the figure of the lens, you can select the SPH of -3.00, CYL of -1.25, and AXIS of 20.